Explore Diverse Music for Videos at Shutterstock

Music has not only defined emotional climax in videos but also videogames. It has become so vital that everything would have been otherwise captivating. Just as videos and videogames have seen great strides in compelling narrative, music has also seen rapid development. It makes the videogames and videos good for the viewers and gamers. Now, where can you find great music for your project?

Shutterstock Music


Shutterstock has been in the industry for over a decade, but it has only added music to its collection since 2014. Nevertheless, it still provides millions of high quality tracks to creative professionals around the world. The stock site has diverse music in its library, making it easier for you to find the track that fits your creative needs. The pricing is not bad either. The introductory price is irresistible, starting at $49 for standard license.

Here are other things you need to know about the stock website:

  • It uses a simple pay per use fee. You don’t have to deal with messy subscriptions. You simply download the music you need to complete a scene in your video, add something to it, or define its tone. A one-time fee allows you cut the music and use it around your project, from beginning to end.
  • All tracks are suitable for commercial uses. Whether you are creating an advertisement or a movie, you can legally use the tracks in a single project and the supporting materials for the life of your project.
  • Enhanced license is also available. If you are suiting for a bigger project, like global-release movies, you get the enhanced license to gain unlimited web/podcast, broadcast, and theatrical film usage.

With millions of tracks in the collection and a powerful search feature, you will surely find what you are looking for. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up now, enjoy the introductory price, and create a soundbox for your next project!

Royalty Free Music for Video and Its Significance

The quality of music can play a great role in making the final product successful. It is also important in helping the video accomplish its goals and making it simply awesome. Many times, creatives

have made great videos for corporate clients with only one dull aspect – music. Music, like other forms of art is a matter of taste. Coming to agreement is the first critical step in finding the right royalty free music for video for your clients.

Although it is effective to work with excellent musicians to create music for your projects, it can cost more. Yes, it can be created specifically to match the feel and point of the entire production. However, it will cost you a few hundreds to a thousand dollars more than royalty free music. Plus, the right to use the music can be negotiated to a one-time basis, which means you need to deal with revisit fees annually.

On the other hand, royalty free music for videos charge less for various uses of the material. A one-time fee is required to benefit a really good, compelling music for video production. Where can you find royalty free music?

Shutterstock Music

  • Shutterstock music was created in 2014
  • It has a simple pay-per-use fee, so you don’t have to deal with subscriptions.
  • Its library consists of millions of tracks – more choices for you!
  • All tracks are suitable for advertisement, commercials, movies and more.
  • Enhanced license is available for bigger projects.
  • Standard license is also available.
  • Has a great user interface with simple search features

Shutterstock has the music you need – complete with worry-free licensing. Introductory prices start at $49 for standard licenses and $419 for enhanced license. All tracks purchased are available for use in a single project and supporting materials for the entirety of the project. The difference between two licenses is the broadcast usage and the location of theatrical film usage. Learn more about Shutterstock music here.